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If you’d prefer to make a booking or need a quote ring our simple to remember numbers 02086862777
Our call centre employs over one hundred individuals with a mix of full time and half time workers. The Croydon Cab businesses ethos for handling calls square measure supported the subsequent four rules.
Efficient booking service.
Over 99 of our calls square measure answered inside seven seconds.
Customer service oriented call centre.
We don’t seem to be a call centre that’s driven by targets to scale back call times. Croydon Taxis have a tendency to guarantee all clients square measure given a high level of attractive customer service.
U.K based mostly call centre.
All of the call operator’s handlers that square measure utilized by metric weight unit square measure Great Britain-based mostly.
We do have multi-language members of workers.
We have workers that may speak English, Polish, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Farsi, Pashtu.
Booking Technology
Continued reinvestment in technology allows our company to be the market leaders inside the taxi business, permitting us to supply all our customers the very best potential level of service.

The four core areas in development.

Booking software system.
croydon Minicabs
Despatch software system.
GPS tracking in all vehicles.
Call recording.
Mobile information unit.
CCTV cameras.
Satellite navigation.
Call back.
Automated booking system.
Automated notification to tell you of your driver and vehicle details.
iPhone & android app.


Through the mixing of our four core areas of technology, we have a tendency to square measure able to cut back booking times, limit human error and profile client details, inside our secure booking and despatch system.

Our dispatching software system has the capability to dispatch seven bookings per second, that successively allows us to succeed in our customers on time. Ninety-nine of our immediate booking requests square measure met on the average inside seven minutes. All our customers will have the benefit of our free call back service ( because of arrive) and our automatic response to wherever your taxi is. With satellite navigation in all our vehicles your destination couldn’t be nearer.

For each our client and driver safety we’ve got more invested with in CCTV cameras in vehicles.